Space Unit Study For Kindergarten-2nd Grade

I started our 2021 school year by doing something I didn’t think I could do and probably still struggle with the thought of being able to do it successfully. The science curriculum my son was doing covered a lot of the same things he had learned in Pre-K, but I thought I wouldn’t matter so much and he could just learn it again. In November he seemed to not care so much about it and honestly, neither did I. We took a break and just focused on the other subjects. By the end of the month I started considering doing a unit study, something that I always found interesting and fun, but intimidated me a lot especially as a first year homeschooler. I asked my son what he wanted to learn about and he expressed wanting to learn about space. I thought that would be a great idea and something we could both learn about. I asked him what kind of things he would like to learn about space and just took off from there. I came up with a few simple questions and facts that I wanted to make sure we covered and started doing my research. In my research I did find Lindsey from Momma Schmooze Homeschool Reviews to be super helpful with the resources she used in putting her space unit study together. You can also check-out my YouTube video where I share a sneak peak into most of the books listed in this post. Be sure to check out the free resources that I also share in this post.

Curriculum Base: Books and Videos

For our core curriculum I used National Geographics Little Kids First Big Book of Space and DK First Space Encyclopedia. I began looking through the book and organizing my thoughts on what I wanted us to focus on and writing what pages focused on those topics. The additional resource I’m using for teaching is DK Spaceships and Rockets. Though I had decided I wasn’t going to overdue it, I found myself becoming super detailed and breaking everything down. I couldn’t help myself. I’m naturally a pretty detailed oriented person and so I had to make sure I didn’t overwhelm either of us. This is part of why I tried to stuck to just these two books as our main learning material, in addition to some YouTube videos. You can click here for that playlist. We also only do science for about 20-30 mins, 3-4 days a week, depending on how the week goes.

Additional Resources

Since we are a Christian family, we share about creation and how God is the one who created the universe. I did not shy away from explaining to my son about many people believing in the big bang, but since he is only 5 this was definitely not a lengthy conversation. We spoke briefly about it and he understood. If you are a Christian family with children about 7 and under, and looking to keep them informed as well, I recommend keeping the conversation short and simple as it may just cause a lot of confusion. It all depends on the maturity and understanding of your children.

That being said, prior to starting this subject, I use one of two devotionals that focus on the topic we will be studying. The two devotionals I’m using are Indescribable and How Great is Our God. Both are by Louie Giglio. If you have a child 4 years old or younger, they do have another version of the book called Indescribable for Little Ones. These books are filled with 100 devotionals each sharing all about God and science. They cover space, earth, animals and people. I went through all of the space related devotionals (which are detailed in the table of contents), and I began to mark all the devotionals I wanted us to cover with a post-it. In my notes I wrote down the topic area of space mentioned and page number. If we were doing to speak about the stars, moon, sun, galaxies, etc. there was a devotional for each. I highly recommended these devotionals whether you plan on doing a unit study or not. It is such a great way to introduce kids how God and science relate.

Below I will have a list of books we are reading through for this unit study.

Curious George Discovers Space and Curious George Discovers the Stars– If you have a Curious George lover, then these are worth having. I purchased Curious George’s Big Book of Discovery which included both of these stories and 6 others as well. The individual books usually cost $6-8 each, but I was able to get the book with 8 different stories which included the two mentioned stories for just $12.15 on Amazon (at the time). I highly recommend. It is worth the price and there’s a great amount of learning in each story.

Where would I be without The Magic School Bus? We are watching some of the shows about space and these are the books we have been going through.

More Books:

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Let me know if you’ve done a unit study before and if so what was your favorite study about? If you haven’t done a unit study yet is something holding you back?

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