Giving God Your Desires

A couple days ago I was reading to my son in his kids Bible about the promise God made to Abraham and Sarah. After reading this I saw that the next day we would be reading about God asking Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. I wasn’t sure how I was going to explain this part of scripture to my son and even thought about skipping it in order to not confuse or scare him. But, I didn’t want to skip over something just because I found it hard to explain to him. The next day came and as I read I did become a little worried about what could be going through his head. He did have a question or two while I was reading but I asked him to wait until I was finished to better understand what was happening. I explained to him how God wanted to see Abraham’s heart and know that Abraham loved Him above all else. We spoke about why people sacrificed animals during that time (explaining it the best I can on a 4 year old level) and how God provided the animal to sacrifice after everything.

Later that day I was washing dishes and began to think about what we had read earlier. Abraham loved Isaac so much. He was his one and only son after so many years of not being able to have any children. They must have been so close, yet Abraham loved God so much and trusted God with Isaac. Abraham’s emotions must have been all over the place when it came to thinking about having to sacrifice his son. But, I’m sure Abraham new that God made him a promise and every word of God proves true (Proverbs 30:5).

I then began to think, what if we gave God the things we love and desire most. This could be your marriage, a child, a house, that career or business you’re trying to grow, etc. What if we truly trusted God with the very things that mean the most to us, while staying focused on drawing near to him and seeking his direction? For me personally, I’ve honestly done this about 50%. I still feel at times like I need to be in control. There’s just something about being in the know and handling things that brings me satisfaction. While doing our part in anything is important, God is still ultimately in control of all things and if we put anything above him, or consume ourselves with everything but Him, then how can we expect God to direct our steps or bless us? For me, I want God to be part of everything in my life. I’ve lived enough of my life trying to do everything myself and keeping Him out of it. I don’t want to fall into that again. I do have occasions where I start to slowly slip into some of those old ways, but with the help of the Holy Spirit, I begin to recognize it and ask God to help me get back on track. Before writing this, I just finished writing down all of my worries and desires to God in my prayer journal. I’m choosing to release what I desire and what consumes me onto him, by keeping it in that journal and waiting on Him. I’m putting my focus more on Him and less on me. I hope reading this encourages you and even provokes you to think about how this might relate to your own life.

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